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Welcome to help that will enable you or someone you know to beat the Energy Thieves that are hurting your lives and keeping you down.

I have three self help books, each written in a large font using small paragraphs and highlighted single sentences so that anyone with reading difficulties can cope with them.

They are extremely easy to read and understand yet are truly powerful in terms of helping you make your life and the lives of those around you better.

They offer practical help for all ages, from those from the bottom of the pyramid of life upwards.

Welcome to Energy!

Energy 1: Written for all ages and capabilities this is an easy to understand book that brings powerful perspectives to the major Energy Thieves Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Bullying, Stealing, Gambling, Gangs, Knives, Guns.

The first half of the book, dealing with Alcohol, is available FREE on and many digital download sites (see top right of this page).

The full book can be downloaded for just $2.99 on Kindle, Smashwords, etc.

Energy 2: Written for all ages and capabilities this is an easy to understand book that brings powerful perspectives to major Energy Thieves such as Emotions (Fear, Anger, Loneliness, Hatred, Envy, Greed, Lying, Selfishness, Arguing, Stress), Food, People, Problems and Traumas.

The first half of the book, dealing with Emotions, is available FREE on and many digital download sites (see top right of this page).

The full book can be downloaded for just $2.99 on Kindle, Smashwords, etc.

Together: First published in 2000 this book has stopped a number of readers committing suicide and has eased the pain of many struggling through stressful and depressive times.

Written for all ages and capabilities Together explains how we become beaten down the slippery slope into depression, what it's like when we get there and gives twelve simple yet powerful things we can do to help ourselves get back to the light.

The full book can be downloaded for just $2.99 on Kindle, Smashwords, etc.

Convergence: A light-hearted, humorous tale recounting the strange encounters and even stranger goings on, the scheming, greed, deceit, hilarity, chaos and triumph that occur when thousands of people unexpectedly converge upon a simple English village auction.

I haven't heard of anyone for who this story didn't raise a smile!

The full book can be downloaded for just $2.99 on Kindle, Smashwords, etc.

A work in perpetual motion...

My self help books are written in a large font, well spaced out with many single sentences highlighted to bring the power within my message home to the reader. They are extremely easy to read and understand and help people of all ages beat problems to do with:

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"I love your message about using our awareness to look for and unravel unknown fears that can kill us without our knowing what hit us.

I went through this when I had to quit working in 2008 and apply for ssd Because of heart disease caused by drugs and alcohol abuse I can no longer work in the beautiful parks of western states.

My condition has limited me to PR. But I have learned a lot and am using my limitation to love and appreciate more where I'm at in life.

Your books have come to confirm and validate all of my last 5 years.

God bless and thank you."

G.Contreras  USA

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"I was in a deep state of depression and Jess and his book 'We're All In This Together' taught me how to lift myself out of it and think rationally and positively. Thank you Jess - you are truly a wonderful person. If more people were a fraction like you, this world would certainly be a happier place."

Georgina Erasmus, Cape Town, South Africa

"Jess is a very warm person, easy to get on with and an interesting man who writes self-help books. He has a wealth of life experience which places him in a superb situation to help other people.

I have first hand experience of his help when I had to get through a very 'down' period in my life, he instantly sent me his books free of charge and kept in touch with me with all kinds of advice, talking through problems and was a great help.

The result was I got through the seriously bad patch and returned to being me and living a happy life again thanks to Jess."

M.H.  Germany

"I have just been reading your ebooks on Emotions and Alcohol, both of which cause me quite a bit of distress (esp) this year (having escaped an abusive relationship) but I do feel things are looking up.

I just wanted to say your words moved me and you seem a truly remarkable guy with immense insight."

M.Cheshire UK


I've helped all kinds of people beat all kinds of life problems for many years now.

If you would like my confidential help I'll be looking at your problems from the outside to bring you perspective's you don't currently have and shine a bit of light into your darkness so you can clearly see how to deal with them. Then you'll be able to make your life, and perhaps the lives of those around you, much better.

Please get in touch for my confidential service through the Contact page. Jess