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Jess was born in 1949 in NW England and has led a different, somewhat adventurous kind of life.


Rubbing shoulders with some extremely wealthy and powerful people as well as befriending those from all walks of life his experiences have ranged from the wonderful to the truly daunting from which he has learned keen perspectives about what is wrong with life on earth, bringing to the fore in him a desire to help people make their lives better so they can avoid the problems and experiences he has gone through.


Facing the end of his existence in 1997 in South Africa he found himself heavily guided to helping others and soon people were knocking on his door in their quest for help and he found that many were in an even more desperate situation than he was and that helping them in turn helped bring him back from the brink.


Jess has worked for over four years to perfect his ‘Energy Thieves’ books series and put down in written form the help he has been so successful with one on one in a way that everyone will find easy to read and get swift, positive and constructive help so they can make their lives better.


To give you a little information about the kind of life Jess has led here's a small excerpt from his CV:


  • Captain of Athletics Stowe School – Sprinter/Jumper (1962-1967).

  • Survived unknown illness that ended potential international athletics career and nearly his life 1967/68.

  • Managed to run 10.7sec. for 100 metres in the late 1970’s, confounding doctors who said he would never sprint again.

  • Survived three major car smashes 1968 – 1975

  • Survived unscheduled mountainside descent in Land Rover 1970’s.

  • Survived major night time fire in his hotel when it was full of guests, no one hurt.

  • Survived close encounter with Grizzly Bear, Dean River, British Columbia 1970’s.

  • Built one of the U.K.'s first, largest and most valuable vintage fishing tackle collections of rare Hardy fishing reels 1960's/70's/80's and in 1987 wrote and published a reference book on the subject: The Dunkeld Collection.

  • Survived gunpoint arrest in Culiacan airport, Mexico, in case of mistaken identity 1975.

  • Survived potential air hijack that was stopped on bus to aircraft at Zaventem airport Brussels 1970’s.

  • Survived SWAT team potential arrest on Mount Olympus, Los Angeles 1970’s in police error that let gunrunning felons get away.

  • Survived US Police armed roadblock Wyoming 1970’s after driver guilty of dangerous driving. 'Dirty Harry' Magnum revolver pointed at windscreen by police officer resulted in rapid exit from vehicle by occupants.

  • Assisted in raising one million pounds for the purchase and removal of 17 Atlantic Salmon netting stations from the river Tay estuary, Scotland 1980’s, saving countless millions of salmon over the years.

  • Spent 2 years in High Court and 11 years as a Trustee in Liquidation of assets of people who tried to financially ruin his family 1980's/90's.

  • Survived flights in Russian helicopters Magadan, Siberia 1980’s.

  • Survived financial scam and murder attempt 1997, wiped out financially, took him 5 years to recover physically and mentally.

  • Descended into clinical depression, suffered major weight loss and multiple near death experiences 1997/8/9.


Took five years to recover fully, a long and demanding journey on which he went through many daunting experiences that may well have proved too much for others and turned his energy to helping people full time.


We hope this gives you an insight into just a part of the extensive life learning experiences Jess has undergone that have helped him become who he is today.


He now works at helping people 24/7/365.


He is not interested in socialising (says he's heard it all!) and will not give his energy to anything that diverts him from his mission to help others.




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