‘How to Beat the Energy Thieves And Make Your Life Better - Book 1’ has been written for people of all ages, races, sexes, creeds and walks of life in a large font and well spaced out to make easy reading and uses proven techniques of bringing home to the reader the life changing perspectives I have successfully used in helping so many people make their lives better over the years.


Energy 1


The fallout from the system we live under can be clearly seen through the ravages that alcohol, drugs, tobacco, bullying, stealing, gambling, gangs, knives and guns wreak upon the energy of so many human beings.


In ‘How to Beat the Energy Thieves And Make Your Life Better - Book 1’ I bring you new, powerful perspectives to the problems you face every day.


Having received the great gift of the energy you have been created as you are charged with protecting, nurturing and guiding your energy in the best possible way you can so that you do not waste the gift, but achieve something truly worthwhile with it while you are here.


But how can you be expected do this when no one has warned you that out there in our world are all kinds of devious and dangerous energy thieves determined to do you just as much harm as they can in order to stop you finding and following your true path so that you can never live out your true purpose?


A multitude of such unnecessary life difficulties are created because so many younger human beings are not being taught right from wrong or in reality ‘good from evil’.


Consequently they simply reach out to many things without understanding how deviously evil can use them to steal their energy and either damage or destroy their lives.


Because I use alcohol as the main example of an energy thief I'm at pains to point out that alcohol is not evil, it is simply a liquid in a bottle that in reality has no power, but that evil has the ability to hijack alcohol and use it against you to try and wreck your life and the lives of those around you.


The whole point about energy thieves is that most have no energy, no life force and no power.


You were created as all three so when you reach out to alcohol you are actually giving it your great gift of energy and giving it power because once you place it inside your body only then does it have the opportunity and your permission to try to damage you, even to the extent of ending your existence.


Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are a blight upon the energy of humanity.


These ‘Big Three’ energy thieves show the deviousness that is at work against human energy as they operate a con I expose more and more in Energy 1.


The con the energy thief operates is to get you to look upon it as your friend, something that will help you and make you feel better so that you are convinced that you are in charge of it, when all the time the painful reality is that it has deviously managed to get itself in charge of you and your energy.


Despite this deviousness as soon as a human being begins thinking of themselves as energy and recognising the energy thieves that are stealing their energy and knocking their life off course they very soon determine to take their energy back to themselves so they can use it to follow a better road in life.


But if they rid themselves of one or more energy thieves only to have their life remain exactly the same they can be knocked off course again and again because the thief or thieves will never stop calling them, so it’s crucial they give new and better management to their energy by changing their life through taking their first few steps down the ‘road of good’.


To do this all they need to do is start helping other people, which may sound like a weak solution (precisely what our system training wants us to think), but it isn’t, it is the most powerful way for any human being to change their life for the better.


Through helping others you instantly take your energy back into your own hands, become proactive for yourself instead of reactive to the energy thieves, change the road you are on for a better one and give yourself every chance of finding your true purpose and reaching that better life.


At the same time you are using the great gift of your energy in the best possible way that you can and this ensures that you grow as a being.


By following this road you will also make true friendships, gain real respect and find doors opening to you and opportunities appearing that were not there for you on the road you were previously on.


If by helping others you are able to find your true path and follow it to find and live out your true purpose you will become that happy, contented and fulfilled human being living a beneficial existence for yourself, for those around you and the world in general.


You will have beaten the energy thieves and ensured that you have not wasted the great gift of your energy for a single second.


And at the end of each of my Energy Thieves books I give you 50 ideas of ways you can help people, just to spark you off and help you get going!





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Should you happen to give a copy to a friend you will be helping me help them, so you'll be helping them!


Getting every member of a family or group to fully understand the message in this book, possibly by reading a few pages together perhaps at a set time every day and then discussing, ensures they will all be using love, compassion and understanding whenever a person in that family or group decides to change their lives for the better by setting out to beat the Energy Thieves.


Happen to have a member of your family or group going through a bad time and you're finding it difficult to help?


Leave a copy of Energy 1 lying around in a strategic position - not on the main table in your main room, too obvious, leave it on the side somewhere.


The cover can be seen miles away and if that person is supposed to pick it up and read it they will be guided to it. Have patience.


You just might be astonished at the results!

How to Beat the Energy Thieves and Make Your Life Better - Book 1 

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Bullying, Stealing, Gambling, Gangs, Knives, Guns...

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The energy you have been created as is the greatest gift in the universe.


Your energy belongs to you alone to do the very best you can with while you are here.


But nobody tells you about the countless Energy Thieves that are out there in our world, desperate to strip you of your energy, do you just as much harm as they can and stop you following your true path and living out your true purpose as a happy, fulfilled, satisfied and contented being living a beneficial existence for you and those around you.


If you want to become that being you will have to carefully manage and guide the energy you are through the daily minefield of Energy Thieves you face so that you can make your life better and better.


The message in this book is here to help you.


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