"You only have a tiny fragment of time in which to make the very best use of the energy you have been givenfor in what will seem like a flash your brief moment of life here on earth will be over........ so it's up to you.


If you don’t look for the deviousness lurking within the things you reach out to 

you give them the opportunity to damage you.


Not everything in life is as the system we live under would have us believe.


Not everything we think of as being good really is.


It isn’t a question of beating just one energy thief

you have to beat them all if you want that better life."


‘How to Beat the Energy Thieves And Make Your Life Better - Book 2’ has been written for people of all ages, races, sexes, creeds and walks of life in a large font and well spaced out to make easy reading and uses proven techniques of bringing home to the reader the life changing perspectives I have successfully used in helping so many people make their lives better over the years.


Energy 2


Now you are thinking of yourself as pure energy and you're looking outwards from yourself you should be becoming aware of all the energy thieves out there that are desperate to divert you from your true path or stop you finding it and so your true purpose.


Book 2 in this series helps you journey safely on through the minefield of energy thieves that lies before you.


It begins with the same seven pages as Book 1 to act as a refresher and also for those who for some reason are starting at Book 2 and takes you briefly through the System, the Great Reactionary, Honesty, The Question, Good and Evil and the Passing of Time.


You can't keep these things in your mind enough, especially as the System we live under will try to drive them from you.


The subject of your Emotions acting as energy thieves against you is important because all too often in life your emotions hold the energy you are hostage so that it goes out of your control.


The emotion of fear is a major energy thief because we fear so much in life, even though the system wraps our fear up in words like concern, worry, anxiety, etc. so we won't recognise them as being fear, fear is affecting us on one level or another to one degree or another. The biggest fear is the fear of the unknown and your energy can be held hostage all of your life through fearing the end of your existence and I show you how to get rid of this fear so you can live a happier life.


Loneliness is another emotion that will steal your energy and make you feel miserable if you allow it to and I show you that you're never alone, which has nothing to do with religion, so that you can move forward and change your life to ensure that feeling of loneliness leaves you.


Then there's anger, ever experienced anyone suffering road rage?

If you have then you were dealing with someone who had metamorphosed into something other than their real self and that someone has become not very nice. I show you that taking that step back when anger hits and managing your energy in a better way can save you a lot of heartache.


Hatred, envy, greed, lying, selfishness, arguing and stress are all emotions that can destroy you by stealing your energy away bit by bit or all at once, so I move you through ways of dealing with them to kick them out of your life.

You'll be a lot happier once you do!


If you don't think food is an energy thief beware that you can turn it into one the second you go over The Line and I show you where that line is (actually there are two of them and you've got to stay in between them so food gives you energy and doesn't steal it from you).


People can act as energy thieves towards you and sometimes it's the people who are the closest to you who are stealing your energy so I give you a list of questions to ask yourself that will help you pinpoint who is acting against you as an energy thief and then show you what you can do about it.


Unfortunately just as murderers do not have the word 'murderer' stamped across their forehead neither do energy thieves, so you have to do a bit of work to expose them and then you can do something about them.


Traumas, painful things that happened to you that live in your past and hurt you in the present, will sap you of your energy every day of your existence and keep you under stress on a very subtle level.


I give you the hugely powerful exercise that I have used very successfully one on one to help people that will let you erase all of these traumas and move forward into your future so that you and everything you have loved in your life become winners together.


Do not underestimate this exercise because it taps into your true power, remembering always that what the system teaches you as being power is man made power, false power that is a diversion of human energy from its true path and purpose, and once you become good at using the true power you have been given you can use it to greatly benefit yourself and others in all kinds of circumstances.


Winning is not about anything the system has been kidding you into thinking it is, it's about your using the great gift of your energy to complete some good, wonderful or fantastic purpose while you are here.


Winners are people who have strong inner resolve not to waste their energy, but to use it to benefit their lives, the lives of those around them, the lives of those they have yet to meet and the lives of those who come after.


It's entirely your option as to how you become a winner, just remember that you may well not become one even though you may have millions of dollars and own a lot of property and fast cars, etc.


That is not winning, that's you falling for the system's con.


You will be on a journey as you progress through Books 1 and 2.


As you absorb the power of the message and move forward you shouldn't start regretting things about your life because you haven't wasted a single second of your existence, no one has.


Up until the moment you read my message you have been learning on a massive scale, which is one of the great callings for human energy and I hope that learning will continue as you read my books.


You should never stop learning, especially about life and so continually expanding your comfort zone so you can be of help to others and find your true path and purpose.


Under 'Managing Your Energy' I first give you the same 12 points that were in book one and add the points I have made in Book 2 to them in concise form.

Using them to manage your energy and sticking to them can only benefit your existence.


Finally I give you another 50 ways you might be able to help someone, just to keep you alert to the possibilities as you move yourself onto the best possible path in life that you can.



How To Beat The Energy Thieves - Book 2

Emotions, Food, People, Major Problems, Traumas, How to Win...

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