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In "How to Beat the Energy Thieves - Book 1" Jess Miller sets out his personal recipe for dealing with some of life's most difficult problems.
Drawn from a lifetime of experience his clear and direct message will strike a chord with many struggling to overcome behavioural or addiction issues.
From drugs and alcohol to gambling, stealing or knife crime Miller lays out his stall forcefully and with utter conviction. By painting each of the challenging issues in the persona of a thief, out to steal your energy, he is able to personalise the struggle and energise the intended or actual victim to face up to the thief that is ruining their life.
More than a "just don't" exhortation, Miller suggests alternative ways to channel behaviour and thus thwart the thieves.
The book is quite refreshingly not targeted at a specific age or demographic group, but is rather intended to be used by all. It will prove a useful tool not only for individuals who are "under attack", but also for social workers, charities and others seeking to deliver help to those who need it. The book is not technical and is an easy read, probably even for those whose literacy skills are in need of development. The style is clear and positive, constantly reinforcing and developing Miller's message.
For some this could be a life changing read.
And if you were in that place and recognised you wanted out why wouldn't you give it a try?

  Euan Davidson, Llb(hons.), former Solicitor, PLC Director and Charity CE

"This series of books will certainly help many people come out of their darkness into the light. There are real gems of wisdom scattered throughout the texts which can serve as anchors for those who are navigating troubled waters. Highly recommended."
  Erroll Bowyer, Homoeopath

In an age of dependency – on alcohol, on drugs – and an addiction to the things that money can buy there are so many people who are desperate for a way out.

Beating these dependencies, or as Jess Miller puts it, ‘energy thieves’, is one of the greatest needs of a generation.

Jess’s books set out to make this a series of steps.
Understanding the problem, its causes and how to deal with it would seem standard practical advice, but with Jess the steps are so clear, such good sense and so achievable that there is no barrier left to reaching the goals: once someone has asked themselves the question, “How can I make my life better?”

These are books with an immediate appeal: the cover is eye-catching; the contents are very readable and extraordinarily interesting. It is like walking with a friend – the conversation is good, the direction begins to look beautifully clear and before you know it you’ve followed the line of argument and can see a completely new way ahead.

Reading these books is like a high-octane refuelling – your life-journey will take you further than you could ever have imagined. The energy which dependency has ‘stolen’ from you is replaced and life is renewed.

I wholeheartedly recommend these books.
I hope they will become a life-force for all the people who long for a way out of their problems.

  Lavender Buckland, M.A., LLM (Licensed Lay Minister)

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