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We're All In This Together

As a result of some fairly disastrous things that happened to me between 1997 and 2003 I went down into, travelled through and came back from the experience of depression.


During this part of my journey I went through many daunting experiences and from them I gained a great deal of perspective about life and added it to my knowledge bank.


When I was at my worst point and not expected to survive someone I had met only once called me and asked me to help them and I did just that, the result of this was my realisation that I still had a lot to give and that I could help a lot of people in this world.


In 1998/99 I began writing down the self-help therapies I had been learning and as I did so it was as if a great force began to speak through me. I once wrote for 17 hours straight only stopping to make food, get a drink or go to the bathroom and slept for a day and a half afterwards.


The result was We're All In This Together, an easy to read self-help book intended to get you through stressful or depressive periods in your life by giving you some big perspective on your problems and showing you things you can do to help yourself find your way back to the Light.


Together explains the journey we travel down into depression, how the system of life beats us down until we cave in and fall into the darkness, what it's like when we're there and how we can help ourselves find our way back to the Light.


This is not a medical book on depression illness such as bipolar or manic depression, but an easy to read work that gives you 12 simple yet powerful things you can do to make yourself feel better in stressful or depressive times and it's a book that has had a very positive effect on readers.


Within three weeks of self publishing and selling the book in 2000 a reader phoned me and told me he was reading the book for the third time that week:


'Jess, your book stopped me from committing suicide.

It's absolutely brilliant.

Thank you so much.'    


I call these 12 therapies the 'Neil Armstrongs' because they are each only one small step to take, but they are one giant leap away from Stress, Tension, Loneliness and Depression.


Someone who is up and together and thinks they know exactly what life is about and the best way to live their lives and they're brimming over with confidence, gaining riches and possessions and are rough, tough and ready for anything will most probably dismiss this book as trivial because they will find the 12 therapies too simple to have any real meaning for them.


They will be missing the entire point.


Often the simplest things in life are the most powerful and rest assured that this is the case with these therapies because they each ensure you are taking your energy back into your own hands and doing something positive with it for you instead of remaining reactive to the stressful and depressive goings on in your life.


When you are in the darkness of depression these 12 therapies will help you greatly.


Anyone can use them and if you spend time and channel your energy into them you will feel one heck of a lot better and gradually you will be able to lift the dark veil that has been cast over your life and return to a more enjoyable state of being.


System trained therapists, especially those with letters after their names, often pooh-pooh this book because it does not conform to what the system has trained these people to believe is the right and only way to help others.


They are wrong - it is the given right of any human being and the greatest calling for the human spirit to turn and help another, but the system we live under works to close our minds to the many ways of helping people that are out there and locks us into only the ways of helping others that the system insists are the right ways.


If you're suffering and feeling 'down', if there's a lot of stress in your life or if you're feeling depressed this book is here to help you get through these painful periods and you will keep feeling better and better the longer you keep carrying out the therapies I give you.


As you can see they worked for me because I'm not supposed to be here and part of the reason why I am still here is contained in this book and it can help you as much as it helped me.



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I assure you that I first published this book in the year 2000, a long time before the politicians here in the UK thought of using the title for their own ends!

“It is rare to get help with Stress and Depression that is as clear and practical as this. It will be of the greatest benefit to both sufferers and non-sufferers alike."

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